Science 2

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  • Physics—Investigating the Physical Properties of Matter
  • Geology—Observing Rocks and Minerals
  • Physics—Investigating Forces and Work
  • Physics—Examining Simple Machines
  • Physics—Exploring Sound and Light
  • Ornithology—Investigating Birds

This eagle has a hooked bill.
Do you know what it eats?


A bird that has a hooked bill eats meat. An eagle is a carnivore.


"I am constantly amazed at the science connections [the children] make from one science topic to another. They love it all!" - Margaret B., Texas

"I am enjoying working through Science 2 with my children. My boys continue to ask to do science every day... I consider this program to be a success in our homeschool and I would recommend it."- Courtney Larson, Reviewer, The Old Schoolhouse® magazine

Nancy Larson Publishers is proud to bring you Nancy Larson® Science 2. It is a comprehensive and creative approach to elementary science where sophisticated topics are explored in age-appropriate ways. Our kits include the things you need to successfully teach the program. Challenging topics, innovative strategies, built-in reinforcement of reading, and many hands-on activities make this program a very effective and enjoyable learning experience for parents and students!

Science 2 is recommended for ages 7-9 and is appropriate for older children with limited science experience.

Your Homeschool Kit

Includes: Science 2 Tool Kit, Teacher’s manual, Student materials, Resource materials


Your Tool Kit

Our science tool kits contain important items to illustrate or augment lesson content. From prisms and pulleys to owl pellets and minerals, we’ve gathered it for you!

The Science 2 Tool Kit contains assorted magnets, bucket balance, Hexagram® Mass Set, hand lens, mineral collection, mica and granite samples, toy car, sandpaper, wooden stirrer, nails and screws, wooden wedge, starch packing peanuts, meter stick, pulley and cord, prism, rubber bands, owl pellets and sorting chart, wooden probe, beaker, balloon, 8-note xylophone, and the following books: Backyard Birds, Common Birds and Their Songs, and Birds, Nests and Eggs.


Your Teacher's Manual

Your teacher's manual contains the lessons and answer keys. The lessons are presented in dialogue form so all important vocabulary will not be missed.

Sample lessons are available to preview.

Your Student Materials

Challenging and engaging content is presented through student booklets. Concepts are reinforced through lesson reviews and assessments, all gathered in a handy, tear-off tablet.


Your Resource Materials

Included in every science kit are photo cards and a special CD loaded with photos, glossaries, word cards, science word labels, teacher's masters, and other materials to help you teach.

Your Resource Materials

Nancy Larson Makes Science Primary in Reading!

Vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension are three important components in reading that we have taken into consideration when we wrote our lessons. To reinforce your child's reading skills and comprehension of text, important strategies are built into the program. Some of these include observing, visualizing, applying, predicting, describing, and summarizing.

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If you are teaching more than one child you will want another set of Student Materials for each additional child.